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Residence permit

When you arrive in Denmark, you must contact the official autorities when registering in your new local area.

You can choose either to visit the International Citizen Service (scroll down to see contact information) as the autorities you need to contact are represented in each department. Another authority you can visit is the local citizen Service ("Borgerservice") or check out the website `lifeindenmark.dk´when applying for residence permit.

Citizens from a non-EU/EEA country older than 18 years must apply for residence permit under the terms of the Danish Aliens Act. These terms includes registration of biometric features (facial image and fingerprints) recorded in connection to submitting the application.

Biometric features will also be recorded when you apply for an extension of your residence permit or for a permanent residence permit. You can submit your application for a residence card with biometric features at the nearest police station in Holstebro:

Midt- og Vestjyllands Politi
Skivevej 2
7500 Holstebro

For more information click here.

Home address and Health insurance card

Registration of your new address takes place at the National Registration Office at the local Citizen Service (Folkeregistret at Borgerservice) in your new municipality of residence. While registering your new address, you will automatically receive a Danish social security number (CPR no.) and the yellow health insurance card.

You should always carry your health insurance card as it identifies who you are (in case of an accident). Most importantly, it must be shown when visiting the doctor, hospital etc.

At the Citizen Service, you can chooseyour own doctor/GP. Children younger than 15 years will have the same doctor as their parents.

 For more information, go to herning.dk or ikast-brande.dk.


Visit skat.dk to see your personal tax information and handle everything related to your taxes (requires NemID). If you are not able to find the information you need on the website, you can contact SKAT at +45 7222 1818 or book an appointment for a personal meeting.

For information about NemID you can visit their homepage nemid.nu or at lifeindenmark.dk.

Other relevant information

At the Government Administration in Ringkøbing city you will find answers in relation to adoption, child support, citizenship, EU residence, separation etc.

Afdeling Ringkøbing
Østergade 41
6950 Ringkøbing

For more information go to statsforvaltningen.dk.

For further information about registration in general, please visit icitizen.dk and/or nyidanmark.dk.

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