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DK-7400 Herning
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Anatolie Cantir

Anatolie Cantir

Teacher at VIA University College, VIA Design and from the Republic of Moldova

Why did you move to Herning?
"The University in Herning had exactly the international programme I searched for. This was what I came for. I stayed after graduation because I had created a network of friends - from a variety of countries - and I had great job opportunity."

What do you like about working here?
"The Danish system is exceptional - the egalitarian culture is unique! I feel that I am trusted and there is a lot of independence - and I love it!"

What do you think of Herning?
"I really like Herning! The best thing about the city is that you can go to every place by bike!"

What will you advice to international newcomers?
"Herning has a lot of opportunities for international newcomers. Be active - go out and meet other people!"