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Anna Grudinina 

Anna Grudinina

Project manager at Herning Vand A/S and from Latvia

Why did you move to Herning? 
“I graduated in 2012 and in 2013 I got the opportunity to work and get experience within my field of interest in Herning. I decided to live in Herning because of the cultural life here – there is always something going on.”

How is it to be an international in a Danish business?
“I am the only young international at my workplace. I do not feel like I am an outsider as my Danish and international colleagues are really friendly and welcoming.”

What do you think of Herning? 
“For my needs, the city has everything. Cultural events, other things for the spear time, concerts, and fitness etc. - a lot of things are going on. I like that everything is really close as I do not like to waste time on transportation in the everyday.”

What will you advice to international newcomers? 
“My advice would be: Do not be afraid to go to the international events. Even if you have to go alone as you will always meet new people.”