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Ikast-Brande Municipality

 Mural in Ikast-Brande - Finn Lang

History has made its mark on Ikast-Brande municipality. Over the ages, The Army Road, The Jutland Ridge, the many lakes and the attractive landscape have created a setting that we have managed to adapt ourselves. The old hawkers of woolen clothes have been replaced by global merchants, and this reactive urge has resulted in a vision that stretches far beyond the municipality’s and the country’s orders.


The precise and creative urge combined with the pulsating business life attracts many people to Ikast-Brande, which tops the Confederation of Danish Industry’s survey of cities’ business climates. In 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Ikast-Brande was designated the municipality with the best business climate in Denmark. A good business climate is the basis for new jobs in the municipality.

Ikast-Brande is located centrally in Jutland and has fantastic infrastructures that apply for highways to Aarhus and Vejle. We also have two airports close by – Billund, which offers both domestic and international flights, and Karup, which has flights to Copenhagen.


Ikast-Brande municipality is also known for its sports activities at elite and ordinary levels. Several sports clubs, sports schools and colleges is located in the area, these are: FCM Handball and Soccer, The Soccer Academy, The Sportstar College and the sports college ISI, professional golf trainer course and Taekwondo at elite level.


Ikast-Brande municipality has over 40,500 residents and was formed by an amalgamation of the three former towns of Ikast, Brande and Nørre Snede. Ikast and Brande have the most residents. Ikast-Brande municipality has four medium-sized towns: Bording, Ejstruphold, Engesvang and Nørre Snede. Less than half of the residents of Ikast-Brande lives in smaller towns or in rural districts.

The Ikast-Brande area has a total of 19 small urban communities and hamlets. So, whether you want to live in a slightly bigger town or you prefer the local closeness of a small country town, all the options are here in the municipality.

The Ikast-Brande municipality offers a range of beautiful scenery and unique natural areas, with wide moors and mighty woods, together with some of the most stunning lakes and twisted rivers. In this distinctive landscape, Ikast-Brande offers several unique and authentic nature experiences just waiting to be explored.


Ikast-Brande municipality welcomes new citizens. The housing associations of Ikast-Brande have entered an agreement with the municipality in relation to new citizens, which is to give new arrivals priority to housing. Besides this, newcomers have the opportunity to build their own house in one of the allotments around the municipality. So, whether you want to live in the city or countryside, we have the right allotment - and it’s even cheap!

Brande has its own website that welcomes English speaking newcomers. For more information about the benefits and general information - click here!

The Community

The Ikast-Brande municipality supports the positive development in both the urban and rural districts, and the residents wishes for development takes place in close dialogue with the municipality. A major commitment and cohesion distinguish the municipality’s towns and local community.

Ikast-Brande has good experience working with matters involving the municipality, business, the associations and the residents to create the best conditions for everybody. Finally, a “no” to a given project is always followed by a “but” to create alternative solutions, because Ikast-Brande municipality focus on opportunities rather than limitations!

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