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Living in Herning or Ikast-Brande

We will provide you with information about the area and what kind of environment and life the area offers when you have settled in Herning or Ikast-Brande municipality. With this section we want to give you some understanding of the unique local structures in the local society. 

The focus is placed on highlighting the various opportunities and practical issues to consider for non-Danish speaking citizens. Moreover, you will also find introductions to activities that take place in Danish as every citizen can choose to participate in these.

For general guidelines and introductions about living in Denmark, we will suggest you visit the following websites:



Expat in Herning & Ikast-Brande presents the new video presentation of the area.

This video highlights some of the most exciting places in the area for newcomers.

You can see different perspectives from internationals already settled in here.  They will try to inspire you by sharing their own story and how they have managed to reach various opportunities they found by attending local and international activities.


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