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Getting around in Herning and Ikast-Brande municipalities most frequently is done by public transportation bus/train, car or biking/walking. Besides that we are privileged to have two airports close by; Karup Airport and Billund Airport.

Public transportation

The public transporation options you have is to go by bus or train depending on your departure and destination address. Information regarding the different options to use public transport can be found at Midttrafik.dk. Midttrafik.dk discloses the timetables for buses, regional buses, night buses, extra departures during events and information if traffic change on public transport.

The easiest way to locate bus and train rutes and departure times is to use rejseplanen.dk (click for English). 


The highways around Herning and Ikast-Brande makes it convenient for the driver to get around to other parts of Denmark. Traffic jam is very rare in Mid Jutland.

Buying a car in Denmark may seem expensive compared to most other countries. Read more about purchasing a car in Denmark here. 

You can also bring your own vehicle to Denmark, click here for more information. 

Walking and bicycle

Cycling is a popular means of transportation in Denmark especially in the cities. You will find cycling path and/or sidewalks many places in the municipalities and not only in the cities. Traffic often favors cyclists.

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