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Murals in Ikast-Brande

Cultural Experiences in Ikast-Brande

Ikast-Brande welcomes you to a rich and inspiring cultural life that offers a special combination of tradition and renewal.

In the area, art and culture are always on the move. Art in the public space is a special characteristic of Ikast-Brande Municipality, with art present everywhere.

The murals in Brande are world famous and create a unique gallery atmosphere in the streets – 24 hours a day. Experience the intimate atmosphere in Kunstpakhuset with its presentation of outstanding art. Visit Remisen Brande, a vivid centre of art and culture with a variety of exhibitions and events, concerts and conferences. Or spend an evening at Bakkehuset in Ikast with its interesting program of music and entertainment, e.g. evocative Saturday Jazz. Take a tour in the area - in Ikast-Brande - your eyes and ears will be satisfied.

Remisevej 1
7330 Brande
RemisenBrande is a historic locomotive workshop which has been carefully converted into an interesting and unique cultural and conference centre where the visitor can see exhibitions and attend concerts and other cultural functions. RemisenBrande can also be hired for conferences, parties and much more.

Strøget 47
7430 Ikast
You can experience music in all varieties in Bakkehuset. From cheerful lunch-time jazz functions to Gospel, intimate pop-and-rockconcerts to UpComing evenings for local bands. Bakkehuset is the intimate venue where you come face to face with the stars.

The Old Cinema 
Ågade 2
7442 Engesvang
The village hall and arts centre Den Gamle Biograf (the old cinema) is a little local arts centre with highly varied events. Some are directed primarily towards the local population, while others are for everybody.

The Warehouse of Art
Lille Torv 5
7430 Ikast
KUNSTPAKHUSET is an exhibition venue with changing displays of current Danish and international art. The well-known, the new and the different forms of art are exhibited.

Art in the open space

The Ikast-Brande area has a broad variety of art in the open space that adds an extra experience when driving or walking in the area. Below is a list of great art you must see and other cultural experiences can be found here.

”Odins Øje” at Brande Højskole
Herningvej 14
7330 Brande
Frisenborg Sculpture park
Frisenborgparken 2
7430 Ikast
Murals in Brande
7330 Brande
Guided trips for groups – please call: +45 20 12 49 49 
"Riv dette tempel ned” - ”Tear down this temple” at Ikast church
Kirkegade 3
7430 Ikast
”Vindenes konge”
"Kings of the wind" at Brande Sognegård
Storegade 10
7330 Brande

Attractions and Museums

Vester Palsgaard Skovmuseum
Palsgårdvej 9
7362 Hampen
Vester Palsgaard Forest Museum is a 200 year old forester farm close to the old military road, relating the local cultural history with a unique selection of tools from the Palsgaard forest district. The museum offers a café and outdoor lunch facilities. 

Klosterlund Museum and Nature Centre
Kragelundvej 6A
7442 Engesvang
The museum has a historical location close to Bølling Lake, and the area in general holds an interesting story about the peat industry and the numerous archaeological finds. Close to the museum in Stenholt Forest, you’ll find a free exhibition on the famous Klosterlund Culture from 7500–7000 BC. Enjoy your lunch or coffee by the outdoor tables or the playground nearby.

Skovbjerggård Agricultural Museum
Stakrogevej 23
7330 Brande
Tel. +45 7534 5021
Visit the authentic museum close to Blåhøj, presenting a wide range of machines, tools and household equipment, representing country life in the old days. (Open on request)

Bøllingsø Bryghus
Gl. Kongevej 24
7442 Engesvang
This micro-brewery in Engesvang serves both as a culture house and a brewery. Enjoy the local beers and join a guided tour. The brewery offers a range of regular as well as seasonal beers.

Uhre Købmandsgaard
Uhrevej 27
7330 Brande
The old general store in Uhre provides a historical flashback to shops in the old days. Enjoy your coffee or lunch in the warehouse close to the general store.

Brande Museum
Centerparken 2
7330 Brande
The museum presents an interesting range of regional garments, old tools and flintstone axes. In addition to a fine photo selection, the museum also has an extensive collection of weapons and coins dating back to the time of “Harald Blåtand” (Harald Bluetooth).

The Ikast Tower and the Waterworks Museum
7430 Ikast
Access to tower – please call: +45 9960 5120.
The water tower from 1948 supplied the entire city of Ikast with water for many years. Now, it’s a combination of a vantage point and a museum for the waterworks.

Uhre Mill
Tarpvej 23, Uhre
7330 Brande
Guided trips for groups – please call: +45 2012 4949.
The authentic old “Ground Sailor” mill from approximately 1850 operated for 100 years. The roof and the 8-edge body are thatched. Almost all the wooden interior and equipment are intact, and the mill operates on selected days during the year. Explore the posters inside the mill and enjoy your lunch or coffee in the old storehouse.

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