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Libraries in Herning and Ikast-Brande

Library Herning & Ikast-Brande

Free opportunities at the libraries

You have free access to enter libraries all over the country, when you are a registred Danish citizen. You are only allowed to borrow physical material from the library of municipality of residence.

Going to the library is one of the most popular cultural activities in Denmark and the annual number of visitors runs into millions. You can obtain a library card and use the facilities at the library free of charge. To obtain a library card you must go to your local library and present a valid ID. In most cases you will be able to use your Danish health insurance card as your library card, so it is recommended to bring this card as your ID. You will choose your own pin code for the card.

The libraries lend out books in Danish, English and in other languages, magazines, audio books, CDs and films on DVD. You can also log on to the internet via the library’s PC´s free of charge, borrow books from other libraries and read newspapers.

The library in Herning municipality offers you free access to Library Press Display that provides you with online access to approximately 1000 newspapers from 70 countries. You can e.g. read the news from the USA, Saudi Arabia, India, France or Poland. Press Display can be viewed at the library or at home. To use Library Press Display you have to be a registered borrower at your local library. For more information, please contact your local library

Most libraries offer courses, for example in basic internet use, in how to use email, public digital self-service solutions, social networks and much more. Helping schoolchildren with their homework is another service offered by several libraries.

In most municipalities, the public libraries provide access to downloading music, film streaming, downloading e-books, download­ing audio books and access to databases, either from home or from the library’s PC´s. The libraries’ many activities also include cultural events such as authors’ nights, art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, book readings, children’s film and theatre.

You can find your nearest library at www.bibliotek.dk.

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