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DK-7400 Herning
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Nature of Herning

Herning´s nature areas

The clean air and the wide-open spaces of the moorlands provide an excellent environment for walking, running, perhaps an afternoon where you pick heather, collect mushrooms, enjoy a picnic in peace and quiet or want to sleep outdoor.

The many lakes and streams of the area offer swimming, fishing, sailing in canoe, kayak or boat, or if you want to sit and look out over the sea or feel a good strong wind. Herning is only an hour’s drive from the North Sea, where you will find attractive sandy beaches with good swimming water and fine sunbathing and windsurfing opportunities - or have a quiet hour in the sheltered area behind a dune. If you are one of those who like to spend a night in the nature, there are numerous possibilities. We provide many shelters and camping sites. In addition, while you are at it, why not visit the beauty of Mid-Jutland, the river Skjern Å. Its beauty will dazzle you and provide numerous hours of activities.

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