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Ikast-Brande´s nature areas

Nature of Ikast-Brande

Whether you prefer hiking, biking, canoeing, angling or sleep outdoor – Ikast-Brande has something for both the nature lovers and the active sportsmen and women. Come along!

Hiking and Biking

Ikast-Brande forms the perfect base for eventful biking or hiking trips, alone or with family and friends. From Store Hjøllund Plantation in the northern part of the municipality to the sources of the rivers  udenåen and Skjern Å at the Jutland ridge in the south, you can enjoy the spectacular natural environment. So tie your hiking boots or pump up your bike tyres and explore the areas around Bølling Lake, Rørbæk Lake, Harrild Moors or Hærvejen, and cover the routes at your own pace. You can also embark on the 76km long old railway track between Grindsted and Funder, which is now a well-preserved natural path for hikers, bikers and horse riders.

Or how about trying an alternative and fun way of experiencing nature: geocaching, which combines nature experiences with modern treasure hunting? – an ideal pastime for the active family.

Go Fishing!

Ikast-Brande is also a paradise for anglers and attracts many keen anglers every year. We have some of the most attractive rivers and lakes in Denmark, both natural and put-and-take lakes. Of rivers, Skjern Å, with its many tributaries, has the greatest water flow of any river in Denmark and it’s famous for its supreme salmon fishing all year round. When the spring flies swarm and the water is turbulent, the conditions for  salmon fishing are perfect. Another stream, Karup Å, is known for its winding course and perfect angling spots. In broad daylight, you can experience unusual sea trout fishing. Moreover, the Storå stream system has an increasing stock of salmon in addition to the well-known stocks of trout, perch and pike – once you’ve had the experience of catching a special fish, you’ll be hooked!

Aquatic Fun

Fishing isn’t the only activity you can plunge into; canoeing is yet another fun activity that will provide unforgettable and fun moments – and a unique way to experience the nature and animal life at a peaceful and quiet pace. A canoe trip on the small rivers and lakes offers great opportunities to unite family, friends and colleagues. Rent a canoe and sail down Skjern Å from Rørbæk Lake, and maybe all the way to the west coast of Jutland if you want a more challenging trip. Bring a basket full of your favourite food and enjoy your packed lunch at one of the fine shelter areas with campfires along the river bank. If you’re venturing out on a longer trip, sleep in a cottage or book a comfortable room at a hotel nearby.

Art out in the Open

Besides the unique natural environment, Ikast-Brande offers a rich and inspiring cultural life, where tradition and renewal go hand in hand. In particular, art in the open spaces is a well-known feature of the municipality, with art literally present everywhere. The murals in Brande are famous and create a unique gallery atmosphere in the streets – accessible 24 hours a day. Also visit Remisen Brande, which is a vibrant centre for art and culture with a broad variety of exhibitions and events, concerts and conferences, or spend an evening at Bakkehuset in Ikast with its interesting programme of music and entertainment.

As you can see, Ikast-Brande has something to everybody’s liking, so please feel free to contact Visit Ikast-Brande if you need additional information or inspiration for further planning.

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