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Sports in Ikast-Brande

Sports and associations in Ikast-Brande

More than 100 clubs and associations - the possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours. You’ll find everything from handball and horseback riding to music and dog training in Ikast-Brande.

Check out some of the sports clubs and associations in Ikast-Brande here or another search engine here!

Danish association activities are a significant part of Danish culture and leisure. The strong tradition of associations in Denmark dates back to the 1800s, when democracy and cultural advances went hand in hand with economic and social development. Danish society is well-known for its flourishing associations, which are based on voluntary effort and the entitlement to free initiative.

The Danish constitution guarantees the right to assemble and form associations. Clubs are open to international visitors. If you want to participate in club activities in Ikast-Brande, you should contact the club directly. The club will provide you with the necessary practical information, such as becoming a member, when and how members meet, and membership costs.

Most clubs and associations have websites with information about their activities. The clubs are responsible for major events and cups – more than 8,000 people from Denmark and other European countries participate in a cup every year in Ikast-Brande. The clubs use public schools, indoor sports centres, outdoor sports arenas and houses owned by the clubs to conduct their activities.

The associations encompass sport, gymnastics and fitness, swimming, scout movements, adult education, hobbies, culture, idea-focused and socially engaging work. It’s almost impossible to find an interest or hobby in Denmark which isn’t covered by an association!

Ikast-Brande and elite sports Clubs in Ikast-Brande for football, handball, swimming, golf, horseback riding, shooting and taekwondo are among the best clubs in Denmark. Members represent Denmark at national and international levels.

Start your own club/association

It’s also possible to start your own association,which can receive funding from the municipality to members under the age of 25.

If you want to be eligible for municipal funding, you need to send your application to the municipality (which is responsible for approving associations in Denmark). If so, you should contact the municipality, which will provide practical information, including details of the requirements and rules that need to be fulfilled in order to be approved.

If you don’t wish to be eligible for funding for your association, you can simply start it up as you like - within the limits of the law.

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