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Sports in Herning

Sports Clubs and associations in Herning

Herning is a lively sports and leisure city with about 300 diverse and active associations distributed throughout the municipality.

These associations represent a strong driving force in the local community offering versatile and relevant activities for everybody, while also acting as the nerve centre for fitness, happiness and quality of life on an everyday basis. Sports and leisure activities are in constant growth and developing in step with current trends.

Whether you enjoy singing in a choir, swim­ming, playing football, collecting stamps, target shooting, playing badminton or something completely different, you will find good opportunities and offers, which will enable you to cultivate your leisure interests at a level that suits you. This applies both within organised association activities – leisure and elite sports – and within more spontaneous leisure activities.

Play and Fitness

For children and youths, the square Kousgaards Plads in front of the sports and wellness centre DGI Huset offers the oppor­tunity to participate in various ball games, wall climbing, or just to “hang out” when the weather allows.
Alternatively, you may be tempted by the Foot­ball Experimentarium in the western part of the city, where the training equipment in the fitness park is available free for use.

If you prefer organised sports, Herning offers a multitude of choices, from the golf course in the eastern part, to the Sports Centre Holing in the northern part and the DGI Huset in the city centre.

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Sports Associations in Herning

Sports clubs and associations are important for the non-formal education, democracy and active citizenship in Denmark. These clubs and associations bring people together irrespective of cultural, social and political differences to pursue common cultural, political or religious interests or to engage in sporting activities. As an active member of a club or association, you meet new people, form friendships and expand your network while simultaneously improving your Danish and learning more about Denmark.

One of the most common ways of doing so is by joining a sports club. Both outdoor and indoor sporting activities offer excellent opportunities for making friends and establish­ing networks – in addition to getting fit. Most of Herning’s many sports associations are organised under a sports council, Hernings Idrætsråd. The sports council is highly involved in the development of local sports, collaborating with Herning City and in promoting our local opportunities for living an active life and encourages even more people to be active.

If you would like to engage in sports activities and to experience companionship with others, you can find more information here or contact the Herning City Sports Council, Hernings Idrætsråd. The council’s website is available in both English and German. 


Volunteering has a great impact on asso­ciation life in Denmark. The most important foundation for a healthy democratic system is created in people’s involvement and commit­ment to the local community, where by work­ing together with others in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance they can help maintain a foundation for democracy.

If you want to actively participate in your local association life you should look for a club or association. Here you can get an overview of sports in Denmark, although unfortunately not all federation websites are in English. Go to the website of the Sports Confederation of Denmark.

Do you consider to become a volunteer and meet new friends, helping others or have question related to volunteering jobs?    

For information about volunteering and voluntary jobs in Denmark.

You can click here to find out more about the opportunities to join sports clubs or in Herning.

The Colombian Kike de la Rosa talks about his personal experiences with the Danish association life - watch the video.

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