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Nature Sightseeing

Nature Sightseeing

Sightseeing for free outdoors

Plan together with your friends or family and go by foot or by bike on a trip in the beautiful areas Ikast-Brande offers. Remember to bring lunch or dinner to get the full experience to going on sightseeing outdoors.

The marked route of Hjorteruten (the deer path) runs through Nørre Snede and along the former border of Nørre Snede Kommune. On the route, quiet visitors have the possibility of meeting both roe and red deer; hence, the name "Hjorteruten".

Hjorteruten is 67 kilometres long, and you can enjoy the varied landscape - either the whole route by bike or a part of the route by foot.

The Crooked Railway:
The Crooked Railway runs on the old railway path - from Grindsted to Funder, via Brande and Ejstrupholm. In total, the route is 76 kilometres long and runs through moors and woods with a view to beautiful lakes and varied vegetation. The Crooked Railway is open for everybody - you can walk, take a biking trip or ride a horse, while you enjoy the landscape. 

The distance between Funder and Brande is approximately 29 kilometres, and it takes about two hours depending on your pace.

You are always more than welcome to get a brochure with a map over the route at Visit Ikast-Brande.

Kilderuten takes its point of departure in Hjøllund in north and stretches all the way south to the sources of the streams, Gudenåen and Skjern Å, also called The Big Watershed. The route is approximately 20 kilometres and is therefore particularly suitable for a biking tour or for the Sunday driver, if the weather is too bleak.

The route is very scenic and passes many natural areas, such as Store Hjøllund Plantage, Vrads Sande, Torup and Hampen Lake, and Palsgård Forest

You are more than welcome to fetch a brochure over the route at Visit Ikast-Brande.