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Speed Reading Course

In 4 hours you will thought techniques be able to increase rate of reading and text understanding with 50-400%. Most likely there is a lot of books, articles and reports you will like to read in order to be better at your job, be prepared for meetings etc., but you don't have enough time. Join this course to increase your reading speed, and you will have more time.

In our day to day life we all have access to more and more information, so it's almost impossible to read all the newspapers, reports, emails, articles and book, that we wish to read.
With this speed reading course you will be able to read materials faster and be able to find out if the content is relevant for you. Speed reading is a modern technique, which optimizes the brain, learning and memory and at the same time increases the rate of understanding of read material. You achieve efficiency increases immediately at significantly faster reading, in order to make more rational decisions quicker.

Instruction will be Søren Ellegaard from Train Company, Copenhagen.

Benefit of your participation: You'll get an immediate, measurable increase in rate of reading.

At the course you will:
• Principles for quick reading
• To remember more of what you read
• To enhance learning
• To save time every day
• To optimize the brain's processing speed

Link to JCI Herning International

Price and Sign up will be announced later

Practical info: Seminar will start with a test, and as the Library closes at 9 pm – start will be sharp at 5 pm.


16.45-17.00 Welcome / Presentation
17.00-21.00 4 hours Speed reading seminar incl. small breaks with Sandwich

Date and time:

September 16, 2015
From 16.45-21.00

Place for meeting:

Herning Bibliotek
Østergade 21, 7400 Herning


Maj-Britt : 6146 7887 or