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Deer Wildlife Day

A day focusing on deer wildlife in Løvbakke Natural Reservation

What's inside a deer?

The deer in Løvbakke Deer are beautiful to look at from the outside, but how do they look like from the inside? Come and inspect a deer body's structure and function and experience how the Fallow deer lives and has adapted to the life as herbivores in the natural reservation at the Løvbakke Deer Park.
What’s in the program:

- At the "Forest Secrets" events organized by the natural reservation you can see the Fallow deer and get and introduction to deer wildlife in Denmark and their annual cycle, how deer are hunted, their game meat and various animal ethics.

- The event includes sectioning and categorizing of the deer meat and takes place close to the reservation’s nature school, and everyone gets to see, touch and smell. The event will be a good opportunity to experience nature as it is in its original and real up close.

-After sectioning the game meat, take a walk in the Deer Park looking for some fallow deer. Bring your binoculars. There is also the possibility to borrow some on spot. Take your own lunch to-go and enjoy it after the event.

When: 12 October, at. 10:00-12:30

Where: Løvbakke Nature, Løvbakkevej 32, Herning

Admission is free for all!

Read more about the event here (in Danish).