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Marzipan Konfekt

The only cooking involved here is melting the chocolate :)

Ingredients and instructions:

  • 200-300 gr high quality Marzipan
  • 75 gr nuts of your preferance, nougat, pistachio, almonds or any other
  • citrus zest
  • vanilla beans or vanilla pod
  • 150 dark chocolate/white/milk chocolate, whichever is your favourite chocolate to cover the candy with


  • roasted and chopped nuts
  • dried fruit berries
  • coconut
  • other topings you can find

1. Knead the citrus jest, vanilla, nuts, and whichever other ingredients you want to have inside the candy into the marzipan. Roll into small balls or form into any shape you like.

2. Melt the chocolate

3. Roll the prepared candy into the melted chocolate

4. Sprinkle topings of choice

5. Set aside to cool.

*And remember you can buy them in the shops as well, already made :)