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Masterclass in Public Speaking

Do you feel nervous when speaking in front of people? Do you want to improve your skills in Public Speaking? Do you want to feel confident when speaking to an audience or presenting in a professional setting?

Now you have a unique opportunity to improve your skills with the Masterclass in Public Speaking!

The aim of the Masterclass is to help all delegates take their speaking skills to the next level, feel confident and develop their connection with the audience.  Over two days, the participants will learn about:

  • Owning the stage - charisma, body language and connection with your audience
  • Storytelling - communicating your message and your values
  • Writing an impactful speech - structure, language and clarity
  • Different types of speeches – to inspire, to inform or to win the JCI Speaking championship
  • Thinking on your feet – dealing with interruptions and improvisations
  • Voice and breathing – make your breath your ally and how to deal with nerves

The class will be led by Solveig Malvik (JCI London Senator), Sarah Beckwith (JCI London Senator and National President UK) and Sabrina Vitting-Seerup, the first Dane ever who has won the World Championship in Public Speaking.

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