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Top 10 Mistakes Foreigners Make in Denmark

Kay Xander Mellish

“I made them. Here's how you can avoid them.”

 “Did you take the last piece of cake?”
 “Did you try to give someone a hug and get a handshake in return?”
 “Did you sit in the wrong place in the bus?”
 “Did you even wonder that there was a right place in the bus?” Kay Xander Mellish

When Kay Xander Mellish arrived in Denmark 14 years ago, it was with a rudimentary knowledge of Danish and a container full of furniture, the transport of which was paid by her new employer, a digital agency.  Within 5 months, the agency was bankrupt and Kay and her furniture were in Denmark on their own.

Since then, Kay has gone on to learn the language and settle into life here, working at Danske Bank, Carlsberg Breweries, Saxo Bank and now running her own company, the KXMGroup. Her daughter was born in Denmark and attends Danish school and Kay is now applying for Danish citizenship. 

Along the way, Kay's made just about every possible mistake foreigners can make in Den­mark.  From looking for a job in a clumsy and inefficient manner, to paying her taxes incorrectly (and ending up with a DK45,000 bill), to leaving dinner parties too early, to expecting Danish men to open doors for her and buy her flowers, Kay managed to convince many, many Danes that foreigners are, indeed, mærkelig (odd). 

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